Used Machines

Used Machines

Sigma Bulgaria, as the exclusive dealer of VCE in the country, is part of Volvo’s Dealer Network and has exceptional support when it comes to used construction machines.

Sigma has the potential in identifying used Construction machines in the stock of other VCE dealers through Volvo’s intranet system.

Also, we are offered preferential pricing for other countries’ stock machines, since Volvo supports us with adjusting their prices in our country’s pricing levels. In this way Sigma, can offer even better prices than the ones that other dealers or simple end-users can identify by themselves.

What is more, warranty of used machines can also be granted.

Finally, Sigma has the possibility through its unique equipment as VCE dealer, strong know-how, experience and Volvo systems (Care Track) to provide detailed reports on used machines’ exact condition and history.

You are welcome to contact our experts for any inquiry on used machine. Sigma, will certainly help you identify the best possible solution for your application, with the minimum possible risks that a used machine may contain.

Thank you.

Used Machines